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Nail Testing for Drugs, Poisons & Toxins

Drugs of abuse actually have been measured in nails since 1984. However, the need to test for longer detection periods have given Fingernail testing a new niche' to fill.

Like Hair, fingernails and toenails are composed of a hard protein called keratin and are tested with the same process as hair. Drugs are incorporated into nails from the blood stream and remain locked in the nail as it grows. Nails grow in both length and thickness. Drugs enter the nail from the base as the keratin is formed and via the nail bed that extends under the full length of nail.  The method of screening for drug use in a fingernail test is the five panel, Enzyme Multiple Immunoassay Test (EMIT). The fingernail is put in a chemical solution to rid the nail of external contaminants and is then liquefied.

How far does it go back?

Drugs can be identified in nail clippings 2-4 weeks following ingestion and can be detected up to 8 months after last usage. Fingernails grow approximately 3-5 mm per month, toenails grow at a much slower rate of 1 mm per month which means that drugs can possibly appear in toenail clippings over 1 year after ingestion.

Where can I order a  fingernail drug test?

Please call us at 800-989-1206


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